More than just Fitness

Ken Alamo

B.S. Speech Language Pathology


Services Provided:

Personal Training, Kaatsu Training, Metabolic Conditioning, Soccer Training, Running Technique

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Being a fitness professional is more that just making people move weights, and lose weight.

It's mentoring others into fitness as a way of life.

AEH trains with a passion with a goal

to not just help you achieve short-term,

but more so, long-term goals.

AEH focuses on functional movement, corrective & performance training.

Combined with metabolic testing, nutrition programming,

the guessing game of dieting fads can end.

Metabolic conditioning is a strong part of my program:

Cardio, strength & interval training.

AEH offers Personal, Partner and Group Training

(Rates vary on location, commitment and number of participants)

(Feel free to read some of the testimonials below)


"I just wanted to mow my lawn without trying to catch my breath. I started with Ken...

the next thing I know, 8 years years later, fitness has become a way of life

- and now I live my dream, playing baseball!"

-Bruce L..

Training with Ken has made a huge difference

not only in my daughter's technique and skills, but her confidence as well.

But Ken passion for his athletes goes beyond the pitch.

He offers advice on healthy living, nutrition, and conditioning.

His positive attitude is infectious and we

hope that our training can continue for a long time.

Anyone considering training for their child should take

full advantage of this young man's skill, knowledge, and passion.

I fully recommend him without reservation.

-David / Hannah-

After injuring my knee in high school

I didn’t have much confidence in my physical abilities

to continue to play sports in college.

Ken helped me find that confidence again

and taught me lessons that would pay off huge at the next level, on and off the field.

A real coach who gets the best out of you!

-Ty Gatson-

The skills that he showed, along with his patience in working with my daughter.

She had a quad strain going on 2 weeks and after one session she felt 100% better.

Ken is amazing! I would absolutely recommend him to anyone!!

-James / Jordan