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– Kaatsu Training
– Metabolic Conditioning
– Soccer Training
– Running Technique

Being a fitness professional is more that just making people move weights, and lose weight.

It’s mentoring others into fitness as a way of life.

AEH trains with a passion with a goal

to not just help you achieve short-term,

but more so, long-term goals.

AEH focuses on functional movement, corrective & performance training.

Combined with metabolic testing, nutrition programming, the guessing game of dieting fads can end.

Metabolic conditioning is a strong part of my program:

Cardio, strength & interval training.

AEH offers Personal, Partner and Group Training

(Rates vary on location, commitment and number of participants)


Know yourself from the inside out!

Work smarter not harder with Metabolic Testing.

Within just a 75-minute Assessment, it offers you a 360 degree view of your

metabolic, heart, lung and cellular fitness.


The purpose of the RMR is to know and understand the fuel sources

of your body during daily activities, your metabolic health and

YOUR nutrition requirements based on your metabolic rate and fitness goal


The purpose of the AMR is to assess your metabolic, fat burning

and breathing efficiency, cardiorespiratory fitness, your type I and type II

muscles to help you build a more efficient exercise program based on YOUR goals.


Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment $150
(Test, interpretation, 1 month nutrition guidance)

Active Metabolic Rate Assessment
Treadmill “Olympic” Protocol: $175
Outside Course Protocol: $250
Test & Metabolic Plan (4 weeks included)

RMR & AMR Bundles Available

Alamo Elite Health is the first wellness company in

DFW that does mobile metabolic testing.

It’s portable and easy to use, allowing Alamo Elite Health
to perform your metabolic analysis anywhere, at your convenience.

It’s never been easier to measure essential metabolic functions, identify limiting factors,
and develop individualized nutrition and workout programming for your clients.

– Kaatsu Training
– Nutrition
– Corporate Wellness


KAATSU Air Bands safely and gently modifies venous flow which is the blood circulation from your limbs to your torso. The temporary and additional blood circulation in your limbs leads to subtle and profound changes in your homeostasis. Your vascular tissue increases its elasticity incrementally, leading to a secretion of a number of hormones and growth factors.


$85-120 – depending on location
Planned Bundle Packages (Must be used within 12 months)

4 sessions – $400
8-10 Sessions – $760-900


With so many fads and different formulas to tell you what and how to eat, it is also true that every BODY is different. Every persons preference, body type, blood type metabolism, stress level, genetics, and exercise history has to be taken into account when producing nutrition plans.

Each day is different, and most people have a life, and want to live that life.

AEH starts it’s nutrition guidance with RESTING METABOLIC ASSESSMENT that gives us an accurate measure of your metabolism where we can start to build you a nutrition plan.

Corporate Wellness

Whether people are working at home or in the offices, there are ways to get a couple of things right…

With obesity in the US over 40% (with people above the age of 20), and increasing. Top are prescriptions for:

Hypertension, Diabetes & Depression
All of these can be lowered or controlled by better nutrition & exercise.

Absenteeism by sickness can be reduced with better health. Productivity can be increased with better health.

A positive & healthy environment can help boost employee morale.

Better employee morale can improve employee tenure.

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