More than just Fitness


I will take credit for guiding you,

I will NOT take credit for your commitment.

Ami - Texas

3 month Success

This was not my first time deciding to get fit and lose some weight. This time was different in that my goal was not just to lose some weight, but to make a lifestyle change. I found myself talking to my children about the benefits of good habits, eating right and exercising. Then I realized that I had not been the best example of a healthy lifestyle.

Due to my attitude change this experience was so different from all the others.

I have lost more than just lose a couple of pounds on a scale,

but in 12 weeks I have lost 12Ibs of body fat and I have

gained the confidence that I can live a great healthy lifestyle without feeling cheated.

I could not have done that without the education and the help of my trainer, Kenneth Alamo.

Ken did not only help me in getting an exercising program, but the most beneficial part was that he educated me,

so I can fully understand how my body works.

He showed me not only what my body type is but what it requires to remain fit.

I have no doubt that he set me up for nothing but success for the future.

I cannot THANK Ken enough for the impact that he has made on my life for the future.

Instead of dreading going to the gym, I am excited and it is something I look forward to doing everyday.

Bruce - Richardson, TX

9 month success

"I just wanted to mow my lawn without trying to catch my breath. I started with Ken...

the next thing I know, 8 years years later, fitness has become a way of life

- and now I live my dream, playing baseball!"


Amy - Wylie, TX

6 month success

After reaching a weight plateau, and Amy knew something more needed to be done to meet her weight goal.

Within 6 months she lost almost 20 lbs, 7% body fat and 5 dress sizes. "The last time I was this weight was back in ninth grade" Amy says.

With additional accountability with me, and an all around fitness program, Amy has progressed steadily and is learning the best ways to continue to lose weight and build a stronger foundation for her health.

Cham - Colorado

7-month Success

Cham started her journey to lose weight on her own after having her three children.

We broke down her meal and cardio program, and applied more aggressive techniques in her resistance workouts.

In 7 months, she has lost over 30lbs, 4 pant sizes and

over 10% body fat so far and is now running numerous races.

I helped her gain confidence at her workouts in the gym, causing her accelerated momentum in achieving her goals.

Training with Ken has made a huge difference

not only in my daughter's technique and skills, but her confidence as well.

But Ken passion for his athletes goes beyond the pitch.

He offers advice on healthy living, nutrition, and conditioning.

His positive attitude is infectious and we

hope that our training can continue for a long time.

Anyone considering training for their child should take

full advantage of this young man's skill, knowledge, and passion.

I fully recommend him without reservation.

-David / Hannah-

After injuring my knee in high school

I didn’t have much confidence in my physical abilities

to continue to play sports in college.

Ken helped me find that confidence again

and taught me lessons that would pay off huge at the next level, on and off the field.

A real coach who gets the best out of you!

-Ty Gatson-

The skills that he showed, along with his patience in working with my daughter.

She had a quad strain going on 2 weeks and after one session she felt 100% better.

Ken is amazing! I would absolutely recommend him to anyone!!

-James / Jordan